Eric Mezan

Before founding Art Process in 2000, a creation agency specialized in contemporary art “expeditions” around the world, Eric Mézan was a fire captain in Paris and a Change Management consultant for IBM. For six years, he traveled across five continents, exploring new trends in art capitals and, while participating to VIP programs for international art fairs and biennials, noticed a growing public interest for contemporary art.

In 2005, as a consultant specialized in Art and Brands, the Fiac (the French International Contemporary Art Fair) entrusted him with the “First International Conference about Art & Business” in collaboration with the Mission Mécénat of the French Department of Cultural Affairs. Within a few years, he became a reference consultant for brand managers, corporate patrons and art collection business managers inspired by innovative artistic practices and striving to put creation at the very core of their strategy.

In 2012, he met Dominique Haim, a Franco-American collector and owner of a private sculpture garden. They immediately shared their passion for “art and nature” and for visionary sculpture parks and gardens created by collectors and artists. Eric submitted to her a daring project for the creation of an online magazine and community around this topic. Dominique Haim accepted and thus was born the project Sculpture Nature.