De la nature à l’œuvre by Virginie Luc

News - 04/01/2015 - Article : Corinne Crabos

Through the works of twenty one artists, this book by Virginie Luc explores the poetic link between nature, artistic creation, and ourselves. The author does not focus on the American Land Art artists and their monumental creations, but rather on more humble, sometimes ephemeral works, respectful of the environment and of the senses: Motoi Yamamoto and his salt pyramids, Jim Denevan’s and nature as a work of art and an inspirational pool, François Méchain’s and landscape as a ground for thought, Doug and Mike Starn’s and the evolving world of their “Big Bambú”, Chris Drury and where we stand in the universe

They create with what comes at hand: sand, water, wood, depending on how much or how little the land offers. If sometimes high technology comes into the game, it is to create mist, as with Fujito Nakaya. Whether fragile, constantly evolving or sometimes created over a very long period of time, as with David Nash’s Ash Dome, the installations all allow us to feel eternity into the moment.

De la nature à l’œuvre eternalizes this ephemeral art which questions our own human condition.

De la nature à l’œuvre, Virginie Luc, Editions Ulmer, 2014, 160p, 120 colored illustrations

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