Fondation Marta Pan – André Wogenscky’s Sculpture Garden

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We discussed everything, Marta recalls. First question, the exterior.
“What color would you like for the house?”
I said white.1

After Marta Pan and Andre Wogenscky’s passings in 2008 and 2014, the couple’s “house-studio” became the Fondation Marta Pan – André Wogenscky, thus respecting the wishes of its two founders. The main goals were to open the house and the sculpture garden and let the public become familiar with Marta Pan’s sculpture work and André Wogenscky’s architecture. The 1.5-acre garden hosts about fifteen monumental sculptures by Marta Pan. Most of them are made of steel and a few of marble. Dominique Amoureux, director of the Fondation, explains they not only all interact with each other, but also with the surrounding landscaped park and the architecture of the house itself.
In order to preserve the house and its garden, the foundation is only open by appointment and on certain conditions. To know more click here.

Fondation Marta Pan – André Wogenscky
80 avenue du Général Leclerc
78470 Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, France

Phone +33 (0)1 30 52 48 47 / 06 11 67 33 21

1 p. 50, François Barré, L’œuvre croisée, Ed. Cercle d’Art, 2007 Paris

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