Inhotim, an extraordinary garden

Destinations - 08/03/2016 - Article : Marian Lacombe - Video : Marian Lacombe

Located an hour drive from Belo Horizonte in South East Brazil, the open sky Inhotim museum is an unforgettable paradise for contemporary art lovers.

This extravagant project is a one man initiative, that of billionnaire and mining magnate Bernardo Paz , who converted a remote site of the Minas Gerais state into a 5000-acre botanical garden for tropical species and a space for artists from all over the planet to display their work.

It takes three days to visit Inhotim, its collection of outdoor installations and its numerous pavillions/galleries, modern versions of the 18th century’s architectural “follies” . Bernardo Paz collects treas and works of art, most of them monumental, by contemporary artists such as, among others, Doug Aitken, Chris Burden, Janet Cardiff, Olafur Eliason, Dan Graham, Cristina Iglesias, Yayoi Kusama, Helio Oiticica, Giuseppe Penone, Lygia Pape, Valeska Soares, Tunga, Adriana Varejao…

Rua B, 20. Inhotim
MG – Brazil
Zip Code: 35460-000
+55 31 3571-9700