An interactive map to discover Andy Goldsworthy’s Refuge d’Art around Digne-les-Bains

Destinations - 26/11/2015 - Article : Eric Mezan

British artist Andy Goldsworthy has been working since 1995 on Refuge d’Art, a magnificent project that has been gradually spreading out on the protected geological reserve of the southern French region of Haute Provence, near the town of Digne-les-Bains. Today, this work consists of three “Sentinels” in dry stone and of a number of permanent works, installed in a dozen derelict buildings renovated by the artist (chapel, farms and traditional sheep pens called “jas”). To discover and actually grasp the scale of this project, one has to hike 100 miles throughout astounding landscapes: it is a unique journey, which combines contemporary art, hiking and the promotion of both natural and cultural heritages. A map of the land gives a sense of the extent of such a project. That is why we came up with this interactive map, which allows you to find the precise locations of each of the works. Hikers should however be aware that it might be difficult to get a phone signal in some remote locations. It is therefore preferable to print out the map rather than to rely on a connection to GoogleMaps.

Here is the map:

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