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Artworks 02/06/2019

Paul Ardenne’s new book
Un art écologique. Création plasticienne et anthropocène

Paul Ardenne’s book does not only offer a wealth of historical material on the artistic forms of the …

Artworks 14/03/2018

Toward the invisible. Virginie Luc and her Magicians

An Italian-style format with a grey hardcover… A soft grey onto which the title of the book, Les …

Artworks 12/02/2018

Catalogue Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The Floating Piers

Following the announcement of a major exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery (London) and an open-sky project in Hyde …

Artworks 12/06/2017

LAND by A.Gormley, C.Richardson and J.Winterson

Whether you are passionate about art or not, Land is the book that should be on everyone’s bookshelf. …

Artworks 07/03/2017

DVD Venet / Sculptures

Released shortly after the historic Bernar Venet exhibition at the Château de Versailles in 2011, the documentary Venet …

News 07/02/2017

Rivage, Rivages. The catalogue of La Littorale’s 6th edition.

La Littorale is an international contemporary art biennale held in the city of Anglet on the Côte Basque. …

Artworks 25/01/2017

Land Art by Michael Lailach

The Basic Genre collection from Taschen Books is probably the most famous art book series in the world. …

News 06/12/2016

A present for everyone — Christmas 2016

Emmanuel Berry, Rodin, published by Editions Xavier Barral, 120 pages, 49 black and white photographs, bilingual French-English, 2016. …

Artworks 28/08/2016

Landscapes for Art. Contemporary Sculpture Parks

Landscapes for Art, Contemporary Sculpture Parks, edited in 2008 by Glenn Harper and Twylene Moyer, respectively Editor and …

Artworks 28/06/2016

Discovering Art in Nature: Two Guides on Outdoor Art Throughout the World.

Here are two publications on the topic of sculpture gardens and parks and outdoor art throughout the world. …

News 21/04/2016

Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art. Interview with the filmmaker James Crump

Aniko Erdosi: In January you released your second documentary film “Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art.” When I …

News 12/04/2016

Les carnets du paysage, varia

“Let’s listen to the world as to a vast musical piece – a piece of which we are …

Between dread and delight, the aesthetics of the sublime 24/03/2016

Between dread and delight, the aesthetics of the sublime

“My body is made of the same flesh as the world’s.” Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s sentence resonates particularly well with …

News 11/03/2016

Calme-toi, Lison by Jean Frémon

Louise Bourgeois, a free woman.        Louise, Louise Bourgeois, the woman who creates spiders, and so …

Artworks 02/04/2015

L’artiste contemporain et la nature

At the end of the 1960s, “artists come out of the art studio” and venture into cities, gardens, …

News 04/01/2015

De la nature à l’œuvre by Virginie Luc

Through the works of twenty one artists, this book by Virginie Luc explores the poetic link between nature, …

Artworks 01/01/2015

Sculpture Today by Judith Collins

« Sculpture in expansion »… This could well be an alternate title for this 485-page book, which explores contemporary sculpture …

News 30/12/2014

La forêt d’art contemporain

Since 2011, fifteen works of art have been installed on the grounds of the regional natural park of …

News 26/12/2014

You Call That Art? A book-object for young sculptors

Sculpture is also for children. You Call That Art? is an unusual and playful way to introduce sculpture …