Richard Serra in the Qatari Desert

Artworks - 02/08/2019 - Video : Marian Lacombe

Set in a natural corridor formed by gypsum plateaus, East-West/West-East spans over a kilometre in length, and crosses the peninsula of the Brouq Nature Reserve connecting the waters of the Gulf. East-West/West-East consists of four steel plates measured by their relation to the topography. The plates, which rise to 14.7 metres and 16.7 metres above the ground, are level to each other; they are also level to the gypsum plateaus on either side. Despite the great distance that the plates span, all four can be seen and explored from either end of the sculpture.

East-West/West-East is the second installation by the world-renowned artist Richard Serra; it follows the artist’s first public artwork in the Middle East, 7, that was installed at MIA Park in 2011.*

* Source : Qatar Museum Press Release

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